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Rob Brown - President

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a long time.
Level 2 (old system).
started on the Central Coast (CCBUA) in 1982
Level 3 & an ABF Umpire Development Instructor.

Matt Carter - Vice President

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Umpiring  Career: 
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20+ Seasons
Level 1 (old system)
19 Years from Tball through to ABL.
Level 4 Umpire & Level 2 ABF Umpire Development Instructor.
Under 14, Under 16, Under 18, Under 23s, Coordinator of 2017 Junior League National Championships
Level 1 Seminar 2001-Present, MLB Australian Academy 2004 and 2005.
Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring 2005

John Bailey - Secretary


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Coaching History
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What do you enjoy about umpiring ?


18 years
Level 1
First Major League Grand Final Plate
Women 2008, School Boys 2010, Australian U25 Provincial 2010, AYC 2012, 2014 -18

NSW Annual Seminar x 12

Most enjoyment is working with young umpires from the local & State association. 

Married with 2 children. Shipping Senior Account Manager .

Rob Brown - Treasurer


Matt Wagner - Committee Member


Duncan Boileau - Committee Member



Geordie McRae      - Committee Member



Marc Roberts - Junior Baseball Coordinator



Special Committee Members
The State Director of Umpiring is a technical appointment based on the requirement of being an Baseball Australia Level 3 Umpire Instructor and acceptable to NSWBUA, and Baseball Australia Technical Officials & Competitions Manager
The ABF Technical Officials and Competition Manager has an overseeing role and sets all accreditation standards in conjunction with state SDU's. The Manager also controls the selection process and promotion of umpires to higher level games and accreditation levels including Umpire instructors.

Matt Carter- State Director of Umpiring

SDU since 2017

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