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Australian Baseball Umpire Development

How to become an Umpire

Umpire Development within NSW is managed by the State Director of Umpiring (SDU).  The State Director is responsible for career development, course planning and execution for a period of 5 years from the start of their appointment.

The State Director is appointed by Baseball Australia and is presently Matt Carter as of October 2017.

NSWBUA Inc. is the premier body for baseball umpiring in New South Wales and conduct numerous umpiring seminars throughout the year providing the opportunity for people to obtain from Level 0 through to Level 3 accreditation.

Where to from here?

  1. Attend a Monthly meeting to meet association members and experience the development activities that occur each month – details of the next meeting are on the Home Page of this website. OR
  2. Register for a Level “O” or a Level 1 course under Events when registrations are open OR
  3. Talk to Umpire Development Officers appointed by NSWBUA. OR
  4. Contact Matt Carter via email on [email protected]

General Umpire Development

Join our online discussion on Facebook where you can discuss rules, interpretations and mechanics with Baseball Australia Umpire Instructors.

Umpire Accreditation

October 2017 – UPDATE COMING SOON!

The Australian Baseball Federation (ABF) has established a comprehensive accreditation program for those interested in umpiring baseball.  NSWBUA Inc. conducts seminars and training courses that implements the ABF framework regarding the development and accreditation of umpires.

Below please find a form for ABF Accreditation – this form MUST be sent through the State Director of Umpiring via this association.

Currently, the levels of accreditation available within Australia are as follows:

Level 0  – Junior games below representative level and low levels of senior park baseball 

Level 1  – Junior representative and senior baseball

Level 2  – 1st Grade Major League and National ABF Championship ‘A’ (Under 14) 

Level 3  – National Level Accreditation – ABF Championships above ‘A’ (Under 14)

Level 4  – International Level Accreditation

Level 5  – International Level Accreditation

For complete details of the ABF Development and Accreditation Structure, please click here.

ABF Level 1 Umpire Accreditation Exam

These exams are conducted when requested and number of people have registered.

When an exam date is announced, please register your attendance by contacting the State Director of Umpiring.

To pass, you are required to obtain 110 points out of 160. In preparation for the exam, study your rule book, ask questions, read the linked documents listed below.

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