Manager, Decision Maker, Communicator


As a manager, the umpire is required to manage the game. The game is for the players, and they require a manager, mediator who can keep the game moving and ensure all participants play by the rules. The umpire is required to manage the game, the ground, all the players and coaches. The umpire must respect all those involved, therefore earning respect back.

Decision Maker

As an umpire, you are a decision maker, even before the game starts. Is the ground playable? Is there a need to push the first pitch time back? Once these decisions are made, you are then required to make judgement calls or decisions throughout the game. It’s important to know the rules, but it’s even moreso important to know when and how to enforce them.


Once you have made a judgement decision, you may be required to manage the situation. A close call may go against one team, and you may find yourself with a visit from the team manager. It’s when these situations arise, that as a umpire good communication skills are a must. Be respectful, let both players and managers have a say, but then be firm, quote rulebook terminology and get on with the game.