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Payments of Outstanding Invoices

To see if you have any outstanding amount, please click on "Profile" in the lower left of this page, below the menu. If you have an outstanding amount, please note the amount and details before following the procedure set out below.

A new release of this Web Site is being developed showing you the details of all invoices and providing the ability to make payment of any outstanding amounts.

Until that release, please follow this procedure.

All payments through paypal.com.au should be sent to payments@nswbua.org
  1. Go to the Paypal Web site.
  2. If you have an account, log in
  3. Click on "Send Money"
  4. Enter the email address as above in the "To" field and your own email address in the "From" field.
  5. Enter the amount of payment in dollars and cents (Australian Currency)
  6. Click Purchases and then select Services before clicking "Continue"
  7. Complete the payment using any Paypal Balance you may have or using your credit card.
  8. When the payment has been made, send an email to our Treasurer (rob dot brown at nswbua.org) advise the details of the payment including the reason.
As soon as an easier method is available, we will update this page.
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