Covid 19 Update

28 October 2021

The NSWBUA is supportive of the return of Community Sport as part of the NSW Government’s
opening post the most recent COVID-19 restrictive lockdown. It is also supportive of the Baseball
NSW incremental build-up, structured in conjunction with the Public Health Orders (PHO) of the day, of a return to baseball in NSW. In particular, the return of the State Leagues after 1 December.
With respect to umpires and umpiring during this October-December period:

* NSWBUA seeks to have any umpire or umpiring association ensure they abide by the PHO of
the day. E.g., Until 1 December only COVID-19 vaccinated persons unless provided
exemptions are permitted to participate.
* NSWBUA supports an umpire’s choice to continue to wear a mask while performing their
duties, without this being mandated in any sport-specific regulations.
* NSWBUA will continue to seek the support of the Leagues/Associations in reminding players,
coaches, and managers to maintain a level of physical distance during disputes regardless of
COVID-19 situations to ensure there is a reasonably safe hygiene environment for umpires.
* NSWBUA does not see any need to alter an umpire’s position on the field during games for
decision-making at this time.

Should there be any changes to the PHO and/or sport-specific regulations put in place that impact
the ability of umpires to conduct their duties appropriately, we will communicate such.

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