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Welcome to New South Wales Baseball Umpires Association.
We welcome you to share our love of the sport of baseball and teeball. With teaching and supervision from ABF Umpire Instructors, we can enhance your understanding of the game and, in turn, your enjoyment of the sport.

Becoming an umpire requires the support of people who have traveled the same path you may be commencing and who know what you need to know for you to enjoy the role of umpiring from teeball to the International level that some of our members have enjoyed.

This organisation is charged with the responsibility of administering the Australian Baseball Umpire Development Program which is comprehensive for umpires starting with teeball and junior baseball all the way through to high performance senior games. For detailed information on this program, please 
click here.

Membership of our association or one of our affiliated associations will provide you with companionship  and support in the role of umpiring.   
We offer two levels of membership when you first join us:

  • Free "Web Membership" so you can be kept informed of our activities and when you choose, join us for training seminars or our monthly meetings
  • Full NSWBUA membership provides the above benefits as well as discounts on any course fees or special events. Additionally, it allows you to be appointed to games with, be selected for accelerated accreditation or receive appointments to higher levels of the game, including interstate and overseas championships

Please note, if you would like to become a member, it is important that you attend our monthly meetings whenever possible.

Click here to read more details regarding membership.

NSWBUA members need to abide by the policy set by the ABF. The policy can be found here.

The 2019 Annual Report can be found here

2020 NSWBUA Members Meeting Schedule - 3rd Tuesday of Month @ 8.00pm 

Arena Sports Club

140 Rookwood Rd 



February 18th / April 21st / June 16th / August 18th / October 20th / December 15th

2020 NSWBUA Executive Only Meeting Schedule 

March 17th / May 19th / July 21st / September 15th / November 17th


Lightning Policy

The NSWBUA Executive have adopted, the lightning policy from BNSW . In all cases, let your Own Judgement and "Duty of Care" be your guide. The policy can be found here

Hot Weather Policy

The Hot weather Policy can also be found here


If you have any questions or comments about umpiring baseball, NSWBUA in general or this web site, please use the details under "Contact Us"

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